Clement Mesnier

Urban and landscape photography

The next day is off, you decide to make a bet on tonight's sunset expected at 8.45pm.
You head to Paris, meet Thomas Paris at 8.30pm on the Pont de la Tournelle which joins Ile Saint-Louis to the Left bank of Paris.
You setup the gear: tripod, release cable, ND filter, camera, lens.
You are ready, all you need is luck.

It's 8.45pm and you don't see the sun, hidden by buildings.
You notice the colors in the sky getting a nice hue.

Notre-Dame series #1Start of the sunset

And at 9pm the stars align.
You're at the right place at the right time with the right tools and the sky seems on fire with purple hues.

Notre-Dame series #2The best part of the show

You smile at such a beautiful sunset.
You smile because you experienced the moment.
You smile even more because you captured the whole thing.
You smile because you know you can share this moment with other people and make them smile too.

Notre-Dame series #3Sunset colors

The sunset is over now. You know it's not the time to pack up.
The blue hour and beginning of the night are full of photographic opportunities.
You start walking along the Seine, you wave at tourists on these boats called "bateaux-mouches".
You notice that the lights got turned on and now illuminates the Notre-Dame gothic cathedral.

Notre-Dame series #4Along the Seine

You see people eating and drinking close to the water, they are enjoying themselves and so are you.
The best moments are made of simple things.

Notre-Dame series #5Blue hour